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Opportunities for Fun!

Sensory friendly places in North Georgia

By: Hailey Mankey

There are many sensory-friendly places to visit around Georgia, especially in the Atlanta area. Here are some fun things to do with your kiddos if they struggle with sensory processing! We’d like to spotlight a few fun programs for you and your family to enjoy that cater to family members on the Autism spectrum.

#1 Tellus Science Museum

“Quiet Mornings at Tellus are exclusive events for individuals with different sensory processing skills. These mornings include less crowded environments, reduced wait times, less extreme light and sounds, designated Quiet Spaces, additional signage, name tags for children and a free planetarium experience. You can also download social story guides.”

Buy tickets in advance, space is limited!

Learn more here:

#2 Children’s Museum of Atlanta

“This experience includes a sensory-modified setting, limited admission, and sound and lighting adjustments. We also have a social story to help prepare families for their Museum experience. Advance ticket purchase is required. Sensory Friendly Sundays will occur during Session A.”

Session A begins at 9:30 a.m. The next “Sensory Friendly Sunday” events are Aug. 7, 2022, Oct. 2, 2022, Nov. 6, 2022 Dec. 4, 2022.

Learn more here:

#3 Zoo Atlanta

“Zoo Atlanta is a certified sensory inclusive destination. They offer sensory bags with badges, fidget tools, headphones and more, weighted lap pads, quiet areas and headphone zones. You can also download a social story to help you through the attraction.”

#4 Center for Puppetry Arts

“The Center for Puppetry Arts offers sensory-friendly experiences for guests with autism spectrum disorder. Staff members are specially trained to interact with patrons, and during the show, sounds are low, children can talk and leave their seats, and they have a quiet zone in the lobby they can go to. Fidget toys, social stories, sound-reducing headphones and sunglasses are also available.”

#5 Georgia Aquarium

“Georgia Aquarium has become the first aquarium to be designated a Certified Autism Center. The Aquarium Guest Experience, Training, and Education teams have been trained to work with guests on the spectrum. Families can also expect expedited entrances, sensory bags with headsets, sunglasses, fidget devices and communication cards, and designated quiet zones.”

We’re here to provide resources and spread awareness for families in our community. We hope this post provides opportunities for a fun, inclusive outing for the whole family!


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